Automated Dominative Subspace Mining for Efficient Neural Architecture Search

Published in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT)


Neural Architecture Search (NAS) aims to automatically find effective architectures within a predefined search space. However, the search space is often extremely large. As a result, directly searching in such a large search space is non-trivial and also very time-consuming. To address the above issues, in each search step, we seek to limit the search space to a small but effective subspace to boost both the search performance and search efficiency. To this end, we propose a novel Neural Architecture Search method via Dominative Subspace Mining (DSM-NAS) that finds promising architectures in automatically mined subspaces. Specifically, we first perform a global search, i.e ., dominative subspace mining, to find a good subspace from a set of candidates. Then, we perform a local search within the mined subspace to find effective architectures. More critically, we further boost search performance by taking well-designed/ searched architectures to initialize candidate subspaces. Experimental results demonstrate that DSM-NAS not only reduces the search cost but also discovers better architectures than state-of-the-art methods in various benchmark search spaces.

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